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Hello, My Name is

Sauka Pedro Ali

My Temperament, Is Passionately Concerned With Personal Growth and Development Of Myself and Others. I am Naturally Drawn To Working With People, and Whether In Education or Counseling, Sports, Design, Art, Modelling and Photography. My Gift Is Helping Others Find Their Way In Life, Often Inspiring Them To Grow As Individuals and To Fulfil Their Potentials. I Want To Be The Best That I Can Be By Helping Others Be The Best They Can Be. I Believe Friendly Cooperation Is The Best Way For People To Achieve Their Goals. I Represent The Concept It Is All About Your Thoughts. We Become What We Think About. Whatever It Is….. If You Want It, You Can Have It ! No Matter What It Is That You Most Definite Want. You Can Have It !. In Closing I Have A Deep Concern For The Pain, Difficulty and Struggle That Ordinary People All Around The World Are Experiencing With These Difficult Times and The Global Financial Crisis This World Is In Today. I Believe It Is My Responsibility To Make A Difference In The World and To Help As Many People As I Can To Find True Happiness, Joy, Peace of Mind and Financial Freedom. I Have A Soul of Kindness, Particularly In Personal Relationships, I am Without Question Filled With Love and Good Will. I Believe In Giving off Myself To Help Others, Cherish A Few Warm. I am Full of Energy and Can Spend Great Amounts of Time Discussing Ideas and Possibilities With Others. I Always Look To Find Meanings In The World, and Are More Likely To Be The Champion of Causes Rather Than of Individuals. I Love Life and Expressing It Through Writing, Photography, Dance, Sport, Education and Inspiration Is One of My Passion.

I Love People And Want To Serve Them.


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Personal Development

Personal Training

Image Consultant

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